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Bilzingsleben Antler Morphology Catalogue

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For each antler fragment the identity number, a description of its morphology and, if possible, which side the antler came from was recorded. For 1626 fragments this was the only data that could be recorded but for a further 1190 fragments a more detailed description could be made and the presence of specific parts of the antler noted (represented in the database by "xx").

  Records per page  
Detailed morphology
The options below represent specific parts of the antler. Tick the boxes to find records with that section of antler. See the list of codes or see the codes in Figure 3

 Ib1  Ib1a  Ib1b  Ib1c  Ib2  Ib2a  Ib2b  Ib3a  Ib3b
 Ib3aa  Ib3ba  Ib4a  Ib4b  Ib4aa  Ib4ba  Ib3_A  Ib3_Aa  Ib3_Ab
 Ib3_Ac  Ib4_E  Ib4_Ea  Ib4_Eb  Ib4_Ec  Ia1a  Ia1b  Ia1aa  Ia1ba
 IIb1a  IIb1b  IIb1aa  IIb1ba  IIb2  IIb2a  IIa1  IIa1a  IIa1b
 IIa1c  IIa1aa  IIa1ba  IIa1ca  IIa1d  IIa1e  IIa1da  IIa1ea  IIa2
 IIa3a  IIa3b  IIa3aa  IIa3ba  IIb1_A  IIb1_Aa  IIb1_Ab  IIb1_Ac  IIa3_A
 IIa3_Aa  IIa3_Ab  IIa3_Ac  IIa1dB  IIa1dBa  IIa1dBb  IIa1dBc  IIa1dC  IIa1dCa
 IIa1dCb  IIa1dCc  IIa1_A  IIa1_Aa  IIa1_Ab  IIa1_Ac  IIa3_B  IIa3_Ba  IIa3_Bb
 IIa3_Bc  IIa3C  IIa3Ca  IIa3Cb  IIa3Cc  GWst  GWan  GWsp  GWsta

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