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ABCD: Acer sp.

Acer sp.



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Site no Site Location Date Period
1031 Danebury 78 Andover/Salisbury/Winchester, Hampshire, England 1984 Iron Age
Sample Period
1031a PH.IA
1559 Rush Green 82-3 Denham, Buckinghamshire, England 1988 medieval 12th-14thcAD
Sample Period
1559a PR.MD.EM:HM
1558 Temple St Brill 83 Brill, nr Thame, Buckinghamshire, England 1988 post medieval 16-18th cAD
Sample Period
1558a PR.PM.16:17:18
49 Hembury Fort nr Honiton, Devon, England 1930 ?
1017 Watergate St 85 Chester, Cheshire, England 1988 Roman-medieval
Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1017a PR.MD.HM F9 pit fill organic dark brown mid 13th 1225 1275
1268 Seacourt 58-9 nr Oxford, Oxfordshire, England 1963 Roman/medieval/late 12thcAD
Sample Period
1268a PR.?
1390 Sandal Castle 64-73 Wetherby/Leeds, West Yorkshire, England 1980 c. 1500-1600
Sample Period
1390b PR.MD:PM.LM:16
78 Caerwent 09 and 10 nr Chepstow (Venta Silurum), Gwent, Wales 1911 Roman
Sample Period
0078a RO
1042 Birmingham Moat 73-5 Birmingham, West Midlands, England 1980 medieval-post-medieval
Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1042b PR.PM.16:17 ML3 Base 3 moat fill fine sandy silt loam med/post-medieval 1450 1700
1413 Cassington 50-2 nr Oxford, Oxfordshire, England 1982 Neolithic/Iron Age Romano-British
Sample Period
1772 Wharram 53-60 Wharram Percy, nr Malton, North Yorkshire, England 1979 (Roman) 12th - 16th c AD
Sample Period
1772a PR.MD.LM
94 Hassocks Roman well Brighton/Burgess Hill, Sussex (E & W), England 1914 Roman
Sample Period
0094a RO
1226 Clarendon Park 61 nr Salisbury, Wiltshire, England 1985 Bronze Age
Sample Period
1226a PH.BA
1524 Gallows Hill 78-9 Thetford, Norfolk, England 1986 ?
Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1524a PH.? 8 (1) layer/deposit charred plant materi ?Iron Age or Roman ? ?
1414 Abingdon 63 Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England 1982 Neolithic
Sample Period
1414a PH.NE
1925 Lurk Lane 79-82 Beverley, Humberside, England 1991 Anglian-medieval
Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1925b PR.SE.AS Phase 4 ditch fills highly organic 9th c 800 900
1210 Knights Farm 3 74-8 Burghfield, nr Reading (subsite 3), Berkshire, England 1980 Bronze Age
Sample Period
1210a PH.BA
1549 Staines 61-3 Staines, Greater London, England 1987 Neolithic
Sample Period
1549b PH.NE
1402 Dalton Parlours 76 Collingham, nr Wetherby, West Yorkshire, England 1990 Iron Age and Roman
Sample Period
1402a PH.RO.?
1920 Coppergate 76-81 York, North Yorkshire, England 1995 Roman-Anglo-Scand-medieval
Sample Period Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1920c PR.SE.AS combined data ? Anglo-Scand ???? ????
1384 Winnal Down 76-7 nr Winchester, Hampshire, England 1985 Bronze Age/Iron Age/RB/medieval
Sample Period

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