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ABCD: Castanea sativa

Castanea sativa Miller sweet chestnut



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Site no Site Location Date Period
126 Nuthampstead nr Royston, Hertfordshire, England 1946 13th c
1467 North St Lewes 75 Lewes, Sussex (E & W), England 1976 Saxo-Norman to Medieval 14th c
Sample Period
1467b PR.SE:MD
1483 Maynards Gate 75-6 Crowborough, Sussex (E & W), England 1977 late 16th to early 17th c
Sample Period
1483a PR.PM.16:17
1768 Lower Parrock 77 Hartfield, East Grinstead/Crowborough, Sussex (E & W), England 1979 16th c
Sample Period
1768a PR.PM.16
1774 Batsford 78 Herstmonceux, Hailsham/Bexhill, Sussex (E & W), England 1980 late 16th c AD
Sample Period
1774a PR.PM.16
70 Waltham Abbey 72-3 Waltham Abbey, Essex, England 1973 Saxo-Norman-medieval
Sample Period
0070a PR.SE:MD
1390 Sandal Castle 64-73 Wetherby/Leeds, West Yorkshire, England 1980 c. 1500-1600
Sample Period
1390b PR.MD:PM.LM:16
1770 Ardingly 75-6 nr Hayward's Heath, Sussex (E & W), England 1976 16th - 18th c
Sample Period
1770a PR.PM
1484 Church St Seaford 70 Seaford, Sussex (E & W), England 1978 medieval
Sample Period
1484a PR.MD
1553 Testers 85 Steyning (White Horse Sq), Sussex (E & W), England 1988 Late Bronze Age/Iron Age - medieval
Sample Period
1553a PR.MD
164 Langton Villa nr Malton, North Yorkshire, England 1932 Roman
Sample Period
0164a RO
1294 Christs Hospital 08-9 off Newgate, London, Greater London, England 1912 Roman
Sample Period
1294a RO
1565 Barnetts Mead Ringmer, Sussex (E & W), England 1981 medieval 12th-13th cAD
Sample Period
1565a PR.MD
1193 Alsted 68-73 Netherne Wood, Mersham, Redhill, Surrey, England 1976 13th-14th C
Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1193c PR.MD.HM Site 3 P3 ? nr medieval 1350 1400
1452 Housesteads 84 Birkshaw (Hadrians Wall), Northumberland, England 1988 Roman
Sample Period
1452a RO.RM
1345 Denton 59 nr Grantham, Lincolnshire, England 1971 Roman
Sample Period Context Type Sediment Period Earliest date Latest date
1345a RO 610113-7 well fill organic matter Roman ? ?

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