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Full record Site name Remains/Period County
MORE Quatre Bras, Bradford Peverell Y2 Dorset
MORE Pimperne Down Y2 Dorset
MORE Wimborne St Giles 1 Y2 Dorset
MORE Winterborne St Martin 31, Clandon Barrow Y4 Y2 Dorset
MORE Bincombe 11, Ridgeway Hill Y4 Y2 Dorset
MORE Russell Road, Kinson Manor Estate Y3 Y2 Dorset
MORE Chalbury Camp Y2 Dorset
MORE Gussage All Saints Y2 Y1 Dorset
MORE Allard's Quarry, Marnhull Y2 Y1 Dorset
MORE Maiden Castle Fort, Winterbourne St Martin Y2 Y1 Dorset
MORE Park House Farm, Iwerne Courtenay Y2 Dorset
MORE Lytchett Minster Y2 Dorset
MORE Badbury Earthwork, Shapwick Y2 Dorset
MORE Barrow G, Simon's Ground, Hampreston Y3 Y2 Dorset
MORE Hod Hill, Stourpaine Y2 Y1 Dorset


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