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Full record Site name Remains/Period County
MORE Frocester I, Nympsfield I, Glo 13 Y5 Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Notgrove I, Stanborough Lane (S), Glo 4 Y5 Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Ty-Isaf, Bre 5 Y5 Y4 Powys
MORE Pipton, Bre 8 Y5 Powys
MORE Pen-y-Wyrlod II, Bre 14 Y5 Powys
MORE Brimpsfield I, West Tump Y5 Gloucestershire
MORE Rodmarton I, Windmill Tump, Glo 16 Y5 Gloucestershire
MORE Ffostyl South, Talgarth Y5 Powys
MORE Heston Brake, Portskewett, Mon 3 Y5 Y4 Gwent
MORE Tinkinswood, St Nicholas, Gla 9 Y5 Y4 South Glamorgan
MORE Butcombe I, Nempnett Thrubwell, Fairy's Toot, Som 2 Y5 Somerset
MORE Wellow I, Stoney Littleton, Som 1 Y5 Y4 Somerset
MORE Swell I, Cow Common Lane, Glo 22 Y5 Gloucestershire
MORE Coberley Ia, Dry Heathfield, Barrow Piece Y5 Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Uley I, Hetty Pegler's Tump, Glo 14 Y5 Gloucestershire
MORE Hazleton II, Hazleton North, Glo 54 Y5 Gloucestershire
MORE Upper Slaughter I, Eyford Hill, Glo 3 Y5 N4 Gloucestershire
MORE Withington II, Sale's Lot, Glo 94 Y5 Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Swell V, Pole's Wood (E), Glo 24 Y5 Gloucestershire
MORE Minchinhampton II, Gatcombe Lodge Y5 Gloucestershire

Burial codes = 5009 and Region = SW">

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