Proposition 14

See note

that these beliefs are exhibited in evidence from prehistoric contexts other than disposal contexts through prehistory.

The evidence to test this hypothesis has been discussed in the course of treating Propositions 12 and 13. Examples of sites with such evidence include: [3500-2500bc] 30 Crickley Hill, 40 The Peak Camp, 112 The Trundle, 123 Rainham, 464 Bishops Cannings 81; [2500-14/1300bc] 277 Charlcombe 3, 261 White Cross Ring, 84 Wilsford (S) 33a, 731 Mount Pleasant, 1000 Ring Ditch C Heron's House, 876 Dorchester-on-Thames Site XIII; [14/1300-8/700bc] 1196 Trethellan Farm, 440 Wilsford (S) 39, 906 Northdown; [8/700-100bc] 1480 Little Solsbury Hill Camp, 135 Barrow C Churn Plain; [100bc-AD43] shrines at 1333 Maiden Castle Shrine, 1229 Frilford, 1332 Uley (all with disposals), Hayling Island, Slonk Hill, Lancing Down and Heathrow Airport (all without).

The evidence appears to support the hypothesis, and therefore Proposition 14 holds, suggesting that the belief systems were applied in a context wider than that of mortuary process, and that they were closely inter-related.


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