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4.1 About the catalogue

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Vessel number

Vessels are numbered BU1/1/001-151. Occasionally it has been necessary to subdivide them into 'a' and 'b' when the sherds from one vessel have been spread across more than one area of the site. See entry BU1/1/033 as an example.


This is the area on the site where the vessel was found. Areas Br, BrC and BrH can be found on Figure 7. For an explanation of Croft, Croft work floor and Croft floor, see Section 5. It is not possible to determine the remainder of the locations from the site archive. Where no reference is available, this category has been left blank.


When known, the kiln reference is given. These can be found in Figure 7. A reference with 'U' suggests that it was found in one of the kilns, but unspecified.

Number of sherds

The number of sherds recovered for each vessel.


The colour descriptions have been given by the author. Below is a list of the colours, with the Munsell Color definition alongside.

Pink 5YR 7/4 Orange 5YR 6/6
Orange/red 2.5YR 7/8 Purple 5YR 5/2
Deep orange 2.5YR 5/8 Dark red 2.5YR 4/6
Deep pink 2.5YR 6/6 Pink/orange 5YR 7/6
Buff 7.5YR 8/2 Pink/red 2.5YR 6/8
Pale pink 5YR 8/4 Red 2.5YR 5/6
Dark grey N 4/ Grey N 5/

Base and rim diameters

These are given in millimetres when there is enough of a vessel to be measured. Some sherds are warped and the diameter is approximate.


Terms for the motifs are defined in Appendix 3 and discussed in Section 6.


Comments on condition are only given where relevant.


This section includes comments on design, the catalogue number of a related vessel, and quotes the legend on bestiary pieces.

Illustration reference

Unpublished illustrations in James Bentley's manuscripts deposited at the Flintshire Record Office are listed as 'BP...' or 'NT...'. Published illustrations are listed by author and year of publication. See bibliography for full details.

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