Panorama of Karkotis Valley from Phlasou Koutroullis (TS06), 25 March 2006.
The panorama begins with the hill of Koutroullis (TS06) in the middle distance; the road cut (TP135) lies at the base, hidden by the trees on the right. Scrolling to the right, there is a view down the Karkotis Valley to the modern mine of Skouriotissa, and then the fields and olive groves of the central part of the valley. Further right, past the large greenhouse, is a view up the valley to the south and Mount Olympus, highest mountain in Cyprus and source of the powerful Karkotis River. The village to the right is Korakou, followed by the ridge along the western side of the valley. Just before Koutroullis hill is the edge of the village of Pano Phlasou. Photographs: Michael Given. Panorama creation: Hugh Corley.

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