Appendix 2.1: How the blog will function

The Ancient Merv Blog has been developed and published using free Internet software by Pyra Labs (Copyright ©1999-2007 Google). A pilot version was set up on 10 November 2006 at The blog will go live at the same time as the publication of this Internet Archaeology article. The Ancient Merv Blog will be maintained by the Ancient Merv Project, on a weekly basis, for a period of at least 2 years, until August 2009. The blog can be published in its entirety on another Internet domain, should cease to exist within this period.

Entries in a blog are called 'posts' and are displayed in chronological order. Every post can consist of a question, picture, video, audio and/or links, and can deal with a question or a discussion. There can be several topics running simultaneously, and a number of topics will be instigated by Ancient Merv Project team members, hopefully to spark debate.

Initially, the blog has a maximum of 100 posts on the main page, but this can be extended if needed.

The public will have free access to view the blog – there are no restricted areas within the blog – but only Blog-members can leave comments. Anyone who wishes to become part of the Ancient Merv Blog can send an email request to the authors, after which an invitation to become a Blog-member will be sent out: this will contain terms on copyright and acceptable use policies.


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