Appendix 2: Weblogs – developing critical debate (by Sjoerd van der Linde)

Blog (short for weblog) is an online facility, similar to keeping a diary or journal, with the readers being able to make online comments. A blog has been established for the project at

The aim of the blog is to promote:

  1. Discussion and reinterpretation of the archaeology of Merv and Central Asia. Comments posted on the site, over the coming months, will make a direct contribution to the form and content of the planned Atlas of Islamic Merv.
  2. Debate on the methodologies used to structure and present information digitally.
  3. Examination of rights management issues and citation of electronic publication.

This appendix examines how the blog will function, how the posts will be archived, what the copyright issues are, how it will be edited, and cited.


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