4.4.27 Hindringham, Norfolk

Hindringham is a large parish in north Norfolk, close to the coast. It is first recorded in the mid-11th century will of Æthelmær, the bishop of Elmham. Despite no mention of a church in any of the Domesday entries, it was a substantial estate held by the bishops of East Anglia. It is recorded as having several valuable manors, with a mill, beehives and woods.

Fragments of Early Saxon pottery and a number of brooches and other metal finds have been found in the fields surrounding the village. During the Middle and Late Saxon period the focus of settlement was in the fields around the church, and a large amount of Middle and Late Saxon coins, pottery and metal finds have been recovered by metal-detector users. The finds include brooches, strap-ends and a hoard of Late Saxon silver ingots. Middle Saxon pottery and metal finds, a Middle Saxon coin, Late Saxon pottery and metal including a Borre-style brooch have also been found in the area around the village. The VASLE dataset is derived from the Norfolk HER and the EMC.

Fingerprint charts for i) artefact date analysis, ii) artefact type analysis, iii) artefact metal analysis and iv) coins – date of production
Artefact date analysis Artefact type analysis Artefact metal analysis Coins - date of production


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