6. The Stone Implement Sample

A selection of 17 stone implements was geochemically analysed and microscopically examined to determine if any were provenanced from Carrock Fell Gabbro (using the petrological and geochemical signature previous established). The implements had previously been examined by the IPG members, and some had been assigned to Group XXXIV (Carrock Fell Gabbro). Ungrouped implements that had been previously described as gabbro, greenstone or amphibolite were considered, and all had been found in Northern England.

A detailed summary of the implements is provided in Table 1, which indicates that the implements range from fine to coarse grained, grey to green in colour, some with a speckled appearance (created by the felsic and mafic phases), and most exhibit a homogeneous texture, with little evidence of banding.

Geochemical signatures for the 17 stone implements studied, determined by PXRF analysis, are shown in Table 5. The table shows elemental concentrations (in ppm) for the nine selected elements that are common to ICP and PXRF analysis. These PXRF data were checked and corrected (Ti only) using linear regression to assess analytical bias in the PXRF dataset.


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