Appendix 1: The Anglo-Saxon Pottery

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Appendix 1.5 Surface treatment

Most of the sherds in the assemblage have been smoothed or wiped with a cloth or by hand to produce a (roughly) smooth surface finish, varying from a rough wipe to a smooth lustre. A number of sherds have striated surfaces where a cloth or fingers have been dragged across the surface.

Only three sherds (weighing 8.5g in total) in the assemblage from Site 28 showed evidence of burnished internal and/or external surfaces. However, it is possible that many abraded sherds could possibly have had burnished surfaces. In comparison, c. 21% of the assemblage (by weight) at West Heslerton had been burnished.

Appendix 1.5.1 Carbonised organic residue/sooting

Thirteen sherds (weighing 117g) had evidence of carbonised organic residue adhering to their internal and/or external surfaces.


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