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Figures 1a and 1b: Selection of Iron Age defended settlements in southwest Wales. Numbers are those assigned on the Dyfed Regional Historic Environment Record housed with Dyfed Archaeological Trust, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire SA19 6AF.

Figure 2: Cropmark enclosure at Ffynnoncyff (record no. 35715, photo ref. 89-cs-659). RCAHMW Crown Copyright.

Figure 3: Cropmark enclosure at Ty-hen (record no. 2104, photo ref. 96-cs-1736). RCAHMW Crown Copyright.

Figure 4: Cropmark enclosure at Cawrence (record no. 11267, photo ref. 96-cs-1435). RCAHMW Crown Copyright.

Figure 5: Cropmark enclosure at Treferedd Uchaf (record no. 8386, photo ref. AP_2005_1493). RCAHMW Crown Copyright.

Figure 6: Bar chart showing the range and frequency of main internal area in hectares.

Figure 7: Bar chart showing the range and frequency of concentric annexe area in hectares.


Map 1: Location map showing sites mentioned in the text. Land over 250m and 500m is shown shaded.

Map 2: Distribution of all sites by type.

Map 3: Distribution of all sites by site type and by form.

Map 4: Distribution of all sites by defensive position.

Map 5: Distribution of all sites by shape.

Map 6: Distribution of all sites showing size of main internal area.

Map 7: Distribution of defended enclosures with a concentric annexe and a representation of the area of concentric annexe in hectares.

Map 8: Map showing the zones mentioned in the text.

Map 9: Map showing all sites in relation to Ordnance Survey 10km grid squares.


Table 1: Total numbers of definite sites and possible sites and their form: earthwork, cropmark or other.

Table 2: Total number of sites by condition.

Table 3: Internal area of hillforts by county.

Table 4: Coastal and inland promontory forts by county.

Table 5: Defended enclosures shown by form and county.

Table 6: General shape of all sites.

Table 7: Range and frequency of main internal area size of all sites.

Table 8: Size range and frequency of concentric annexes.


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