4.2 Dewlish

The excavations of Dewlish Villa (Dorset) were carried out by the late Bill Putnam between 1966 and 1979. Work to publish this important villa site is ongoing (Hewitt 2012) and that programme of post-excavation analysis has revealed two Type 18 vessels from a large pit feature (Seager Smith forthcoming). Both examples are decorated with an obtuse-angled lattice decoration beneath a horizontal line, which is common on late Roman BB1 jars. More unusual is the fact that one of the bowls is wheelthrown – a phenomenon also visible in the recent find from Dorchester Hospital. The remaining pottery from this pit includes the standard late Roman BB1 forms (Types 2, 3, 20 and 25) alongside some less common BB1 forms as well as OXRS, NFCC and SEDOWW vessels (Gerrard 2010). Dewlish Villa has an unusual peak of Theodosian (AD 388-402) coinage that is suggestive of very late 4th- and early 5th-century activity (Gerrard forthcoming).