4.7 Nettleton and Whittington Court

Another 'possible' vessel discussed by Gerrard (2004) was the example from Nettleton. At this site an illustrated pot from a deposit containing coins of AD 388-402 appears to be a Type 18 vessel (Wedlake 1982, 254 and fig. 112.474) (Figure 12). There is, however, no fabric description so it may not be a product of the BB1 kilns. Nevertheless, typologically the bowl is correct and even decorated with a burnished band of diagonal lines. A similar situation is apparent at the Whittington Court villa (Glos), where what appears to be a Type 18 vessel, decorated with wavy lines, was found in the flue of a hypocaust with coins dated AD 364-378. The vessel is described as being 'black burnished' but as the excavation was published in 1952 this cannot be taken as a specific fabric description (O'Neil 1952, 58 and fig. 5.1).

Figure 12
Figure 12: Type 18 vessel from Nettleton, Wiltshire (after Wedlake 1982, fig. 11.474)