Geophysics: creativity and the archaeological imagination

Rose Ferraby

Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge, Sidgewick Avenue, Cambridge CB3 9DA, UK.

Cite this as: Ferraby, R. 2017 Geophysics: creativity and the archaeological imagination, Internet Archaeology 44.


Thwing, Screenprint, 2009 by Rose Ferraby

This paper article explores archaeology as a creative practice by engaging specifically with the processes and visuals of geophysics. An area of archaeology considered highly scientific, a different way of looking reveals geophysics to be a poetic form of landscape study. The processes used to collect, alter, interpret and visualize visualise the data are creative acts that have parallels with more easily recognizable recognisable arts practices such as painting, drawing or photography.

The paper article explores the ideas behind ways of seeing, the archaeological imagination, technologies and process. The section that follows explores the different elements of work and the ways of seeing and thinking they inspire. The paper article ends by showcasing how other arts practices can give alternative perspectives on geophysics and how these can in turn influence fine art.

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