Dare To Lo(o)se

Gábor Virágos

Faveo Consulting Ltd, H-1026 Budapest, Nyúl u. 6. Email:

Cite this as: Virágos, G. 2018 Dare To Lo(o)se, Internet Archaeology 49.


The complexity of the cultural heritage management system in Hungary c.2016. The structure has been dramatically changed twice up until September 2017 and two more alterations are expected to come in 2018. (Image: R. Virágos)

Although often ignored, archaeological heritage management is part of the overall concept of environmental management. As trends are constantly changing in archaeology, these changes are strongly inter-connected with European and global financial, political and social processes. Moreover, innovations always quickly influence excavation and documentation technologies. It is quite clear that decision-making in archaeological heritage management is not separate from all these, and decisions are made at certain points along a continuous timeline while the environmental conditions (in their widest sense) are changing. Making decisions feels a highly responsible task. However, considering these influences, the question arises whether the importance of decision-making is emphasised sufficiently.

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