Building an Ontology of Tablewares using 'Legacy Data'

Daniël van Helden1, Yi Hong2 and Penelope Allison1

1. School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester. Email: /
2. Department of Informatics, University of Leicester. Email:

Cite this as: van Helden, D., Hong, Y and Allison, P. 2018 Building an Ontology of Tablewares using 'Legacy Data', Internet Archaeology 50.


Close up of final data model for a Roman tablewares ontology

This article aims to demonstrate how an ontology can be constructed to encompass many of the criteria needed for more consumption-orientated approaches to Roman tablewares. For this it demonstrates how a dataset in a relational database can be organised for the format and capabilities of an ontology, and then how these data are input into the ontology model. Finally it includes some sample analyses to show the effectiveness of such an ontology for types of analyses that are relevant to this network.

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