List of Tables

Table 1: Table of Gaulish sigillata forms with suggested generalised shapes (useful for statistical comparison only)

Table 2: Table of potters stamping graffiti with suggested dates for the potters from Hartley and Dickinson 2008-12 (NoTS)

Table 3: Table of total quantities of the most popular vessels recorded on the graffiti (Marichal 1988, 259), in column 2, compared to those on the more complete graffiti, in column 4. Vessel names normally associated with stamps or signatures are marked 'S'. Source Datasheet 1

Table 4: Table of percentages of forms for cup shaped vessels (see Table 1) with the Drag. 24 etc. included as a cup shape


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Datasheet 1: Details of the most complete graffiti taken from Marichal 1988

Datasheet 2: Potter's vessel names grouped into modern shapes (after Marichal 1988, 250) and see Table 1, Table 3 and Figure 2

Datasheet 3: Comparison of percentages of La Graufesenque general shapes of verified stamped vessels with those of net exports taken from NoTS Database

Datasheet 4: Percentage of forms classified as 'cups' (see Table 1). Date from RGZM Database

Datasheet 5: Comparison of percentage of vessels shapes for selected sites


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