Communicating Archaeology: The magic triangle

Gábor Virágos

Faveo Consulting Ltd, H-1026 Budapest, Nyúl u. 6. Email:

Cite this as: Virágos, G. 2019 Communicating Archaeology: The magic triangle, Internet Archaeology 51.


The magic triangle: the major stakeholders of archaeological heritage management

Needs and interests are two different concepts. Talking about needs, we focus on what would be necessary or ideal to have. This is idealism. Talking about the interests of somebody or a group or a legal entity, we discuss what will happen. This is realism. The two approaches go hand in hand and are yet in opposition to each other.

Communicating archaeological heritage is a complex procedure, equally and simultaneously involving professionals, developers and the public in addition to other stakeholders. Their goals, tools, target audiences and messages are different, but the original subject – the archaeological site and finds – are the same. Approaching this subject from different aspects enables an overview of the communication problems and its complexity in general, presenting the contradictions and conflicts in meeting the needs and interests of the stakeholders.

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