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Supplementary Data File 6: Radiocarbon dating

Derek Hamilton

Cite this as: Gaffney, V. et al. 2020 A Massive, Late Neolithic Pit Structure associated with Durrington Walls Henge, Internet Archaeology 55.

The presence of shell or bone within all three of the cored features provided material sufficient for five radiocarbon dates from across all three pits. The samples were submitted to the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC) for analysis (Dunbar et al. 2016) (Table 6.1; Figures 6.1-6.5). The results presented in Table 6.1 are conventional radiocarbon ages (Stuiver and Polach 1977) and have been calibrated using the OxCal program (Bronk Ramsey 2009) and the internationally agreed terrestrial calibration curve (IntCal13) of Reimer et al. (2013).

Table 6.1: 14C dates from features 5A, 7A and 8A
Lab ID Feature/Borehole no. Depth (m) Material δ13C (‰) δ15N (‰) C:N Radiocarbon age (BP) Calibrated date (95% probability)
SUERC-92464 9A BH 14.80–4.85 shell −7.0 7179 ±28 6080–5990 cal BC
SUERC-92465 8A BH 21.50–1.55 shell −6.6 5788 ±28 4710–4550 cal BC
SUERC-92466 8A BH 2 4.35–4.40 shell −8.1 4988 ±28 3930–3870 cal BC (11%) or 3810–3690 cal BC (84%)
SUERC-92470 8A BH 2 4.79 bone −22.9 4.3 3.3 3852 ±28 2460–2270 cal BC (78%) or 2260–2200 cal BC (17%)
SUERC-92471 5A BH 3 5.18 bone −21.9 5.9 3.3 3013 ±28 1390–1340 cal BC (13%) or 1310–1160 cal BC (79%) or 1150–1130 cal BC (3%)
Figure 6.1
Figure 6.1: SUERC-92464
Figure 6.2
Figure 6.2: SUERC-92465
Figure 6.3
Figure 6.3: SUERC-92466
Figure 6.4
Figure 6.4: SUERC-92470
Figure 6.5
Figure 6.5: SUERC-92471

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