3.2.3 Reineval

This exceptionally well-preserved cairn is situated approximately 30 metres above sea level on the north side of a small hill, about 3 kilometres from the west coast. The views from this cairn are spectacular to the north-west towards the sea and the machair plain while a series of large mountain peaks can be seen to the south-east.

photo and drawn plan of cairn
Fig. 5. Reineval. Photo looking south-east.

The cairn survives to about 4 metres at its highest point and is defined by a peristalith of twelve upright stones, mostly to the north. These kerb-stones define a cairn of approximately 20 metres in diameter. The passage is clearly visible and probably leads to a chamber similar in size to that at Glac Hukarvat. The capstone remains at the site but has been reduced in size.


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