Appendix 6: Small Finds Archive

KINCM 1994.294

Hobnails from contexts associated with catalogue number 9

Sf Context Group Description Length
317 1055 1.11.2 4 corroded together 15mm
714 10451.11.2 Complete 10mm
716 1055 1.11.2 Complete 13mm
717 1055 1.11.2 2 corroded together12mm
718 10551.11.2 Head only -
719 10551.11.2 2 corroded together 12mm
720 10551.11.2 Shank broken 8mm
7221055 1.11.2 Bent shank 18mm
Table 17: Hobnails from no.9

The following four are slightly different from those listed above and appear to have flat or slightly domed heads.

Sf ContextGroup Description Length
70910451.11.2 Tip of shank missing8mm
711 1045 1.11.2 Complete; shank bent 15mm (head diameter 9mm x 8mm)
7131045 1.11.2 Complete; shank bent 14mm
715 10451.11.2 Complete 12mm
Sf ContextGroup DescriptionLength
25210681.27.15 3 corroded together -
25310681.27.15 3 corroded together -
74013271.31.7Bent shank10mm
74213271.31.7Shank broken 12mm
74413271.31.7Bent shank 13mm
74513271.31.7Complete; bent shank 13mm
74713271.31.7Complete; bent shank 10mm
29610001.41.23, 2 corroded together9mm
74820762.8.8Complete 14mm
75120812.8.6Complete 15mm
75320892.5.2Complete 13mm
75520942.7.1Complete; shank bent 10mm
44750065.4.2Complete 15mm
Table 18: Hobnails from other contexts

WRB 91


1055 u/s

Vessel glass

Possible jug fragments

KINCM 1994.294 Sf584 [1001] context group 1.40.1
Jug? Light yellow/brown glass. Side curving into edge of base. Dim. 40mm x 19mm, WT 2.5mm. (EVE 0.14)

WRB91 Sf047 (94] Trench I (l2/e3)
Jar or jug. Blue/green. Edge of open pushed-in base ring. PH 14mm. WT 2mm.

Bottle fragments

WRB 91 Sf1008 [84]
Bottle. Blue/green. Shoulder fragment curving over to side.

KINCM 1994.294 Sf598 [2026] context group 2.18.1
Prismatic bottle. Blue/green glass. Side fragment with 90° angle; heat distorted.

Prismatic bottle. Blue/green glass. 3 flat side fragments.
KINCM 1994.294 Sf234 [1030] context group 1.12.3
KINCM 1994.294 Sf592 [1098] context group 1.39.4
WRB 91 Sf1107 [6]

KINCM 1994.294 Sf602 [4001] context group 4.5.1
Cylindrical bottle. Blue/green glass. Shoulder and side fragment. EVE 0.28

3 blue/green glass chips from sieving
KINCM 1994.294 - [1045] context group 1.11.2
KINCM 1994.294 - [2094] context group 2.7.1
KINCM 1994.294 - [2069] context group 2.8.3

Roman vessel glass, form not identifiable

5 colourless glass body fragments
KINCM 1994.294 Sf590 [1045]; Sf591 [1055] context group 1.11.2
KINCM 1994.294 - [1094] context group 1.9.12
KINCM 1994.294 - [1321] context group 1.23.1
KINCM 1994.294 - [1327] context group 1.31.7

6 colourless glass chips
KINCM 1994.294 - [1194] 1.21.5
KINCM 1994.294 - [2105] context group 2.5.4
KINCM 1994.294 - [2094] context group 2.7.1
KINCM 1994.294 - [2099] context group 2.7.2

9 blue/green glass body fragments
KINCM 1994.294 Sf229, 233 [1034] context group 1.12.1
KINCM 1994.294 Sf235 [1026] context group 1.12.5
KINCM 1994.294 Sf231 [1006] context group 1.12.6
KINCM 1994.294 Sf232 [1019] context group 1.12.7
KINCM 1994.294 Sf594 [1176] context group 1.21.1
KINCM 1994.294 Sf596 [2001] context group 2.17.3
KINCM 1994.294 Sf597 [2026] context group 2.18.1
WRB91 Sf1023 [88] Trench E (late 2nd /early 3rd century)

Knife blade?

WRB 91 Sf1072 [72]
Knife blade? Iron. Triangular fragment. Length 60mm, maximum width 19mm.


KINCM 1994.294 Sf705 [1055] context group 1.11.2
Quern; stone indeterminate. Lava. Many shattered fragments not retaining dressed surfaces. Weight 1.42kg.

WRB91 Sf1003 [84] Trench G (late 3rd/early 4th century dump)
Quern; stone indeterminate. Lava. Shattered fragments not retaining dressed surfaces. Weight 0.32kg.


Lengths (measured from the X-radiographs) are given when the nail is complete or merely missing its tip.

WRB 91

The nails are arranged in context order.

Small findContextTrenchDescription Length
1044 9 Trench A shank fragment
1026 10 Trench G shank fragment
1080 10Trench G shank fragment?
1081 10Trench G shank
1001 39Trench C lower shank missing
1029 84 Trench G tip missing 69mm
1092 84Trench G shank fragment
1045 94Trench I shank fragment
1089 94Trench I head and upper part of shank
1006 96Trench G complete 65mm
1078 96Trench G lower part of shank missing
1094 150Trench I shank fragment
1121 150Trench I complete35mm
1027 187Trench G shank fragment
1109 199Trench E shank fragment
1065 237/238Trench G shank fragment
Table 19: Nails from WRB91

KINCM 94.294

The nails are arranged in context group order.

Small findContextGroupDescriptionLength
26911021.3.1lower shank missing
21810531.4.4lower shank missing
34411871.6.6shank fragment
34311831.7.1shank fragment
18410351.7.2shank fragment
23810711.8.6complete 53mm
24210901.8.6complete, shank bent47mm
32910741.8.8lower shank missing
72310941.9.12shank fragment
72410941.9.12shank fragment
72510941.9.12shank fragment
72610941.9.12shank fragment
15810321.9.19shank fragment
33611481.10.1tip missing51mm
33711481.10.1shank fragment
33811481.10.1shank fragment
159 10331.10.3head and part of shank
18210451.11.2tip missing 39mm
19310381.11.2shank fragment
21710521.11.2lower shank missing
22210651.11.2shank fragment
22610651.11.2shank fragment
23710451.11.2lower shank missing
24110451.11.2head and upper shank
24410451.11.2complete 63mm
245 10451.11.2lower shank missing
25610451.11.2shank fragment
31110451.11.2shank fragment
31510551.11.2complete, head bent70mm
31810551.11.2complete 67mm
32010551.11.2lower shank missing
32110551.11.2tip missing39mm
32310551.11.2shank fragment
32410611.11.2shank fragments corroded together
32710611.11.2tip missing 50mm
32810651.11.2complete 45mm
46110551.11.2tip of shank missing44mm
46210551.11.2shank fragment
70810451.11.2shank fragment
71210451.11.2head only
18110431.12.1complete 45mm
18510341.12.1shank 70mm
18610341.12.1shank fragment
18710341.12.1shank fragment
18810341.12.1shank fragment
19110341.12.1shank 45mm
19710461.12.1shank fragment
24310571.12.1lower shank missing
14810291.12.2tip missing69mm
45910291.12.2lower part of shank missing
6310221.12.3shank fragment
8610221.12.3shank fragment
8410201.12.4complete 54mm
6110201.12.4head and shank fragment
16710201.12.4shank fragment
14510261.12.5shank fragment
11710061.12.6shank fragment
11810061.12.6lower shank missing
11910061.12.6lower shank missing
8510211.12.6shank fragment
16810211.12.6shank fragment
20010211.12.6lower shank missing
30910061.12.6head and part of shank
810081.12.7complete 55mm
3810081.12.7shank fragment
4010081.12.7shank fragment
4110081.12.7shank fragment
1410111.12.7lower shank missing
4410181.12.7shank fragment
4710181.12.7shank fragment
4810181.12.72 shank fragments
4910181.12.7shank fragment
7710181.12.7complete 85mm
5110191.12.7shank fragment
5210191.12.7shank fragment
5310191.12.7complete 63mm
5410191.12.7shank fragment
5510191.12.7shank fragment
5610191.12.7shank fragment
5710191.12.7tip missing 68mm
5910191.12.7complete, bent35mm
6010191.12.7shank fragment
7810191.12.7shank fragment
7910191.12.7shank fragment
8010191.12.7complete 48mm
8110191.12.7complete 48mm
8310191.12.7shank fragment
12610191.12.7shank fragment
12710191.12.7shank fragment
12810191.12.7shank fragment
12910191.12.7tip missing32mm
13410191.12.7tip missing 66mm
13510191.12.7shank fragment
13610191.12.7shank fragment
13910191.12.7shank fragment
16510191.12.7shank fragment
70610191.12.7shank fragment
70710191.12.7lower shank missing
15210311.12.7tip missing 55mm
15310311.12.7tip missing45mm
15410311.12.7tip missing45mm
43512061.20.14shank fragment
43612061.20.14tip missing53mm
43512061.20.14shank fragment
43612061.20.14tip missing53mm
34011761.21.1complete 55mm
34111761.21.1tip missing, bent40mm
25110681.27.15head only
62013901.30.38tip missing39mm
46612891.31.11shank fragment
46712891.31.11shank fragment
46812911.31.12shank fragment
46912911.31.12shank fragment
47012911.31.12shank fragment
47112911.31.12shank fragment
47312911.31.12shank fragment
47413271.31.70tip missing 50mm
47813271.31.70complete 66mm
47913271.31.70shank fragment
61913271.31.70shank fragment
72913271.31.70shank fragment
73013271.31.70shank fragment
73113271.31.70shank fragment
73213271.31.70shank fragment
73313271.31.70tip missing 25mm
73513271.31.70tip missing 44mm
73613271.31.70tip missing 52mm
73813271.31.70head only
74113271.31.70shank fragment
74313271.31.70majority of shank missing
74613271.31.70tip missing 58mm
75220822.3.5shank fragment
62121002.5.6shank fragment
75420942.7.1tip missing66mm
49420772.7.2shank fragment
49220692.8.3shank fragment
49520802.8.5lower shank missing
74920762.8.8shank fragment
49020602.10.1complete 60mm
49120642.10.1complete, shank bent54mm
48320402.10.3tip missing57mm
48420402.10.3shank fragment
48520402.10.3shank fragment
48620532.11.2complete 45mm
48920582.11.2tip missing45mm
48220272.12.1complete 124mm
36830193.5.8tip missing44mm
37340024.3.6lower part missing
44650055.5.1complete 70mm
Table 20: Nails from KINCM 94.294


KINCM 1994.294 Sf374 [1209] context group 1.27.28
Bar. Copper alloy. Rectangular-sectioned, curved, both ends broken. Length 28mm, section 2mm x 1.5mm.

KINCM 1994.294 Sf174 [1039] context group 1.9.8
Plate. Copper alloy. Fragment of flat cast copper alloy; all surfaces broken. Length 38mm x 21mm.

KINCM 1994.294 Sf288 [1174] context group 1.6.6
Runoff. Lead alloy. 2 fragments. Lengths 44mm, 36mm.

KINCM 1994.294 Sf160 [1033] context group 1.10.3
Runoff. Lead alloy. Length 30mm.

KINCM 1994.294 Sf377 [1055] context group 1.11.2
Sheet. Lead alloy. 40mm x 32mm.

Iron fragments

Site Code Small find Context Trench/GroupDescription
KINCM 1994.294 Sf36 10061.12.6 Binding. Iron. Sheet bent in two to form U-sectioned binding; outline of binding currently triangular with widest end probably broken. Length c.120mm
WRB91 Sf108210 Trench G late dump
WRB91 Sf100784 Trench G late 3rd/early 4th dump rod
WRB91 Sf106184 Trench G late 3rd/early 4th dump plate
WRB91 Sf109384 Trench G l late 3rd/early 4th dump
WRB91 Sf102497 Trench G l.3 cobble surface 2 fragments bar plus unidentified fragment
KINCM 1994.294 Sf257 1045 1.11.2
KINCM 1994.294 Sf710 1045 1.11.2
KINCM 1994.294 Sf3161055 1.11.2
KINCM 1994.294 Sf7211055 1.11.2 2 fragments
KINCM 1994.294 Sf1371019 1.12.7 sheet
KINCM 1994.294 Sf1641019 1.12.7 sheet
KINCM 1994.294 Sf461018 1.12.7
KINCM 1994.294 Sf451018 1.12.7
KINCM 1994.294 Sf501019 1.12.7
KINCM 1994.294 Sf1401019 1.12.7
KINCM 1994.294 Sf431 1194 1.21.5 2 fragments; strips
KINCM 1994.294 Sf7281249 1.27.17
KINCM 1994.294 Sf7371327 1.31.70
KINCM 1994.294 Sf7391327 1.31.70
KINCM 1994.294 Sf7341327 1.31.70 bar
KINCM 1994.294 Sf4721291 1.31.12
KINCM 1994.294 Sf4651287 1.34.4
KINCM 1994.294 Sf7562105 2.5.4 sheet
KINCM 1994.294 Sf4972105 2.5.4
KINCM 1994.294 Sf7502076 2.8.8rod
Table 21: Iron Fragments


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