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Full record Site name Remains/Period County
MORE Wilsford (S) 33a, Wilsford Shaft, Normanton Gorse Y2 N5 N4 Wiltshire
MORE Cannon Hill, Maidenhead N5 Berkshire
MORE Cissbury Flint Mine Y5 Sussex
MORE Lesser Garth Cave, Pentyrch Y4 Mid Glamorgan
MORE Wimborne St Giles 1 Y2 Dorset
MORE South Newton 1, Newton Barrow Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Chaldon Herring 6d Y4 Dorset
MORE Bumper's Lane Second Quarry, Portland Y4 Dorset
MORE Maumbury Rings, Dorchester Y4 Dorset
MORE Bincombe 15, Bincombe Down Y4 Dorset
MORE Church Hill, Findon Y4 Sussex
MORE Church Hill Chalk Pit, Brighton Y4 Sussex
MORE Cook's Hill Wood Cave, St Cuthbert Out Y1 Somerset
MORE Guy's Rift, Slaughterford, Biddlestone Y1 Wiltshire
MORE Cadbury Castle, Tiverton Y1 Devon
MORE Greenhithe Y1 Kent
MORE Heywood Y1 Wiltshire
MORE Basingstoke Y4 Hampshire
MORE Calbourne B, Newbarn Down, Isle of Wight Y4 Hampshire
MORE Doone Cafe, Hog's Back Y5 Surrey
MORE London Road, Brighton Y4 Sussex

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