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Full record Site name Remains/Period County
MORE Adlestrop I, Adlestrop Hill (W) Y5 Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Gwernvale, Bre 7 Y5 Powys
MORE Pen-y-Wyrlod I, The Druid's Altar, Bre 1 Y5 Y4 Powys
MORE Little Lodge, Bre 2 Y5 Powys
MORE Randwick I Y5 Gloucestershire
MORE Parc Le Breos Cwm, Gla 4 Y5 West Glamorgan
MORE Priddy I, Coxton End Lane Y5 Somerset
MORE Buckland Dinham I, Murtry Hill, Som 8 Y5 Y4 Somerset
MORE Bant's Carn, St Mary's 2, H2, D3 Y5 N4 N3 Scilly
MORE Carn Brae Y5 Cornwall
MORE Torbay I, Broadsands Y5 Y4 Devon
MORE Swell IV, Poles Wood (S), Glo 2 Y5 N4 Gloucestershire
MORE Sudeley I, Belas Knap, Glo 1 Y5 Gloucestershire
MORE Woodchester I, Bown Hill, Glo 20 Y5 Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Hampnett II, Burn Ground, Glo 60 Y5 Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Holcombe I, Giant's Grave, Charmborough Hill, Som 4 Y5 Somerset
MORE Chelm's Combe Y5 Somerset
MORE Frocester II, The Soldier's Grave Y5 Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Frome I, Fromefield Y5 Somerset
MORE Bibury I, Lamborough Banks Y5 Gloucestershire

Burial codes = 5002 and Region = SW">

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