3.2.3 Period 3. Iron Age

Commentary on the Site Description (2008)

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Figure 6 Figure 7

Figure 6: Excavation area looking south (1973); pit group 2 to right of centre.
Figure 7: Excavation area on west side of enclosure (1977).

The main feature of this phase is a substantial enclosure initially defined by a single ditch which was constructed and recut once, cleaned out several times, and associated with Iron Age pottery in its middle silts. Parallel and on its outer side a slightly less substantial outer ditch was later cut, and this was associated with only late Iron Age pottery (see Prehistoric pottery). A range of internal structures was also identified (see Figs. 9-14).

It remained unproven whether the main enclosure phase was preceded by any unenclosed Iron Age activity. Outside the southern side of the enclosure, where there was some evidence of a stratified sequence and where Iron Age features cut other features, this could not be shown to demonstrate earlier Iron Age activity.

Figure 8: Key to Iron Age phase plans. Clickable map - select area for detailed plan of Figs. 9-14.

Figure 9 Figure 10 Figure 11 Figure 12 Figure 13 Figure 14 Figure 8: Key to Iron Age phase plans.


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