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More ID Find Type Secondary Find Type Generic Grouping Phase Layer Feature Burial Number
More 1680 Iron   Coffin and shroud fittings 5d A905 ASB SK 234
More 1681 Iron   Coffin and shroud fittings 5d A906 ASB SK 234
More 1692 Iron   Coffin and shroud fittings 5d A1232 ASS=ASU  
More 1791 Iron   Coffin and shroud fittings 5d A606 ALP SK 218
More 2120 Burial   Burial 5d     SK 43
More 2123 Burial   Burial 5d     SK 46
More 2127 Burial   Burial 5d     SK 50
More 2128 Burial   Burial 5d J222 JCX SK 51
More 2131 Burial   Burial 5d     SK 54
More 2135 Burial   Burial 5d     SK 58
More 2136 Burial   Burial 5d     SK 59
More 2140 Burial   Burial 5d     SK 63
More 2141 Burial   Burial 5d     SK 64
More 2178 Burial   Burial 5d     SK 104
More 2219 Burial   Burial 5d A606 ALP SK 218
More 2220 Burial   Burial 5d A606, A1214 ALP/AMC SK 223
More 2223 Burial   Burial 5d A606, A1212 ALA/ALX SK 222
More 2234 Burial   Burial 5d A905, A906 ASB SK 234
More 2235 Burial   Burial 5d A916 ASC SK 235
More 2253 Burial   Burial 5d A785, A1218 ASQ SK 255
More 2254 Burial   Burial 5d A1235 ASR SK 256
More 2255 Burial   Burial 5d A1232 ASS=ASU SK 257
More 2257 Burial   Burial 5d A1232 ASS=ASU SK 259
More 2264 Burial   Burial 5d A1514 AUD SK 301
More 2279 Burial   Burial 5d A1548 AUV SK 316


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