5.6.2 Slag

by J. McDonnell

Of the little under 12kg of slag that was recovered, the vast bulk came from the 1994 excavations. Most of the slag was found adjacent to the Roman road. Approximately 1.7kg was found in the fills of the Period 4.1 features, 0.8kg came from Period 4.7 and 0.7kg from Period 5.1. Almost 3.6kg of slag was recovered from the dumps of Period 6.1.

The complete range of iron smithing waste was present. However, it is unlikely that this activity took place in the vicinity, as the quantity of diagnostic slag is small compared to sites where established smithing activity was practised. Moreover, the bulk of the slag was recovered from secondary deposits, mainly ditch fills and levelling dumps, which may have been brought into the site from elsewhere.


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