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Full record Site name Remains/Period County
MORE Lower Ashmore Farm, Rose Ash Y3 Devon
MORE Middle Arthur, H3, D3 Y3 Scilly
MORE Dainton Earthworks A, Milton Mator Common Y3 Devon
MORE Swell 1, Cow Common (W) Y4 Y3 Gloucestershire
MORE Riverside Cottage, St Just in Roseland Y3 Cornwall
MORE Chedworth 4, Chedworth Woods Y3 Gloucestershire
MORE Farmington 4, Camp Farm Y3 Gloucestershire
MORE Tresvennack, Paul Y3 Cornwall
MORE Place, Fowey Y3 Cornwall
MORE Largin Wood, Broadoak Y3 Cornwall
MORE Merrows Farm, Gerrans Y3 Cornwall
MORE Escalls, Tregiffian Y3 Cornwall
MORE Craig-a-bella, Poldhu, Gunwalloe Y3 Cornwall
MORE Roughground Farm, Lechlade Y3 Y2 Gloucestershire
MORE Ash Farm, West Buckland Y3 Somerset
MORE Trethellan Farm, Newquay Y3 Y1 Cornwall
MORE Welsh St Donats 3 Y4 Y3 South Glamorgan
MORE Bratton Fleming 4, Little Bray Cross Y3 Devon

Burial codes = 3001 and Region = SW">

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