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Sites were identified from the 'parish' field in the PAS database, so assemblages could theoretically come from several sites of activity within a single parish. Time constraints precluded the mapping of this parish data, which could have confirmed that the assemblages from the ten parishes for which the PAS is a significant, or unique, data source were indeed from discrete sites of early medieval activity. However, the results from several parishes – Cliffe and Cliffe Woods; Elsham; Firle; Kilham; Little Wilbraham; Melton Ross; Nettleton; Osbournby; Shalfleet and Swinhope – are consistent with sites whose identity has been more securely established, such as those recorded in the Norfolk HER or in excavation reports.

Over time, more records of middle and late Saxon coins and metalwork are likely to be added to the parishes recorded in the VASLE 'Sites dataset'; this is true for all of the data sources used apart from the published excavation or site assemblages. In order that the specific artefacts used in the VASLE analyses can be identified, the source identification reference (in the case of the PAS, for example, this would be the Find ID) has been included for each record in the 'SourceArtefactID' field of the archived VASLE 'Sites dataset'), so that it can be easily linked with the source data.


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