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Full record Site name Remains/Period County
MORE Sutton Courtenay B Y2 Oxfordshire
MORE Ebbsfleet N5 Kent
MORE High Rocks A, Tunbridge Wells N5 Kent
MORE Combe Hill Camp, near Eastbourne N5 Sussex
MORE Gwernvale, Bre 7 Y5 Powys
MORE Offham Hill Y5 Sussex
MORE Whitehawk Y5 Sussex
MORE North Marden Y5 N4 Sussex
MORE Chysauster 38, Gulval Y4 Cornwall
MORE Owslebury, Bottom Pond Farm Y2 Y1 Hampshire
MORE Upton Pyne 248b, Brampford Speke 1 Y4 Devon
MORE Lower Ashmore Farm, Rose Ash Y3 Devon
MORE Bishopstone, Rookery Hill Y2 N5 Sussex
MORE Hambledon Hill - main enclosure Y5 Y4 Dorset
MORE Hambledon Hill - Stepleton Spur Y5 Dorset
MORE Dorchester-on-Thames, Site XI Y5 Oxfordshire
MORE Little Woodbury Y2 Wiltshire
MORE Hambledon Hill - Shroton Spur Y5 Y4 Dorset
MORE Gorsey Bigbury, Charterhouse-on-Mendip Y4 Somerset
MORE Avebury 68, South Street, Avebury Trusloe N5 Wiltshire
MORE Fussell's Lodge, Clarendon Park 4a Y5 Wiltshire
MORE Quatre Bras, Bradford Peverell Y2 Dorset
MORE South Cadbury Y5 Y1 Somerset
MORE Watch Hill, St Stephen-in-Brannel Y4 Cornwall
MORE Shaugh Moor, Ring Cairn 1 N4 Devon


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