2.2 Aims

The principal aim of this article is to establish the procedures and protocols within two sample areas (selected to represent the diverse features of the urban and suburban landscapes), so as to formulate a working methodology for approaching the larger Atlas of Islamic Merv project.

Specifically, this article aims to:

  1. Explore the theory and methodology of documenting interpretation (and uncertainty) in the transcription of aerial photographic and satellite imagery.
  2. Develop ontological approaches to structuring interpretations and assumptions, within a hermeneutic model.
  3. Develop a textual and graphic narrative to debate the development of two case-study areas.
  4. Establish an online forum feeding into the overall Atlas project. The importance for the long-term project will be to encourage debate, both of the interpretation of the archaeological evidence, but also the methodological approaches to documenting and expressing uncertainty.
  5. .

In addition, this article sets out to explore the use and linkage of other forms of electronic archive material. In particular:


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