2.3 Structure of the article

In this article the narratives are primarily organised in a conventional sequential structure, moving from the approaches, the wider aims of uses and reuse of archaeological data, the resultant approaches adopted for Merv, and then discussion of some specific parts of the landscape, in both urban and suburban contexts, to illustrate the issues. The article then concludes with appendices dealing with some of the technical issues relating to the digital archive and weblogs.

Alternative navigations, however, are possible. An overall map of this article, a graphical representation of the contents list (Fig. 5), is hyperlinked to enable the reader to navigate threads. In addition, some themes have been highlighted to suggest possible routes of interest:

In addition to textual narratives, other media have been incorporated into the digital archive and are used in this article. They are linked from specific discussion points in the text. The full range of the material can also be accessed via specific tables in Appendix 1.


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