Period 0: Undisturbed natural deposits | Period 1: Field system established | Period 2: Field system reorganised | Period 3: Roman road eastwards established | Period 4: Roadside property boundaries established | Period 5: Roadside buildings constructed | Period 6: A period of large-scale dumping | Periods 7-9 - Post-Roman Activity | Human burials | Animal burials

2.1 Period 0: Undisturbed natural deposits

The site was on well-drained estuarine sands. Above the undisturbed natural sand was a mixed yellow sand and brown silty-loam subsoil, which formed the pre-Roman ground surface. This surface sloped down fairly gently and steadily from around 6.5m OD at the north end of the site to about 4.3m OD towards the south-west.


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