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Full record Site name Remains/Period County
MORE Brimpsfield I, West Tump Y5 Gloucestershire
MORE Handley I, Wor Barrow Y5 Dorset
MORE Abingdon Causewayed Enclosure Y5 Oxfordshire
MORE Site 2, Linch Hill Corner, Stanton Harcourt Y4 Oxfordshire
MORE Bury Hill, Upper Clatford Y2 Hampshire
MORE Southwick Y4 Hampshire
MORE Riley's Tumulus, Merthyr Mawr Y4 Mid Glamorgan
MORE Pwll Swil Tumulus, Merthyr Mawr Y4 Mid Glamorgan
MORE Chedworth 1, Chedworth Down (S) Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Avebury Henge Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Batheaston 1, Charmy Down, Hartley Farm Y4 Somerset
MORE East Putford 7 Y4 Devon
MORE Barton Court Farm Y1 Oxfordshire
MORE Slaughter Bridge, Lower Slaughter, Bourton-on-the-Water Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Chanctonbury Y4 Sussex
MORE Kilmington 2, Whitesheet Downs Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Frampton 4, Long Ash Lane Y4 Dorset
MORE Ogbourne St Andrew 6 Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Wilsford (S) 58 Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Amesbury 51, Cursus Barrow Group Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Bulford 27, Sling Plantation Y4 Y3 Wiltshire
MORE Winterslow 20, Easton Down Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Upton Scudamore 1 Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Wilsford (S) 2b Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Frampton 5, Long Ash Lane Y4 Dorset


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