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Full record Site name Remains/Period County
MORE Rosecliston, Newquay Y4 Cornwall
MORE Chysauster 38, Gulval Y4 Cornwall
MORE Owslebury, Bottom Pond Farm Y2 Y1 Hampshire
MORE Upton Pyne 248b, Brampford Speke 1 Y4 Devon
MORE Harlyn Bay Cliffs Y4 Cornwall
MORE Stannon Downs, St Breward, Cairn 3 Y4 Cornwall
MORE Obadiah's Barrow, Gugh 1, H5, D1 Y5 Y4 Scilly
MORE Glendorgal, Newquay Y4 Cornwall
MORE Woodsford 1a Y3 Dorset
MORE Avebury 22, West Kennet, Wil 4 Y5 Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Tregaseal I, St Just in Penwith Y4 Cornwall
MORE Trelowarren, Mawgan in Meneage Y4 Cornwall
MORE Colliford Reservoir, Site CRIV C Y4 Cornwall
MORE Crig-a-Mennis, Liskey, Perranzabuloe Y4 Cornwall
MORE Five Knolls 5 Y5 Y4 Bedfordshire
MORE Carvinack Barrow, Tregavethan Y4 Cornwall
MORE Shamley Green, Wonersh Y3 Surrey
MORE Cheddar 3, Tynings Farm (S), T11 Y4 Y3 Somerset
MORE Cheddar 5, Tynings Farm (E), T12 Y4 Somerset
MORE Carn Goch, Mynydd Carn-Goch Y4 Y3 West Glamorgan
MORE Mount Pleasant, Newton Down, Stormy Down, Pyle Y4 Mid Glamorgan
MORE Charlcombe 9, Flock Down Y4 Y3 Somerset
MORE Hampnett 6, Burn Ground Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Amesbury 133, King Barrow Ridge Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Stanfordbury Y1 Bedfordshire


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