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Records returned: 1 - 25 of 1118 for 'Burial codes = 153'


Full record Site name Remains/Period County
MORE Frocester I, Nympsfield I, Glo 13 Y5 Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Sutton Courtenay B Y2 Oxfordshire
MORE Try, Gulval Y4 Cornwall
MORE Sperris Quoit, Zennor Y4 Cornwall
MORE Trebartha, Northill Y4 Cornwall
MORE Ramsgate iii, Nethercourt Farm, Thanet Y5 Kent
MORE Upper Deal Y5 Kent
MORE Coldrum Y5 Kent
MORE Julliberrie's Grave, Chilham N5 Kent
MORE Allington Avenue/Wareham Road, Dorchester Y1 Dorset
MORE Boleigh, St Buryan Y4 Cornwall
MORE Rosecliston, Newquay Y4 Cornwall
MORE Offham Hill Y5 Sussex
MORE Whitehawk Y5 Sussex
MORE Monkton to Minster A253 improvement Y4 Kent
MORE Rodmarton I, Windmill Tump, Glo 16 Y5 Gloucestershire
MORE Chysauster 38, Gulval Y4 Cornwall
MORE Limbury, Luton Y1 Bedfordshire
MORE Chapel Carn Brae A, St Just in Penwith Y4 Cornwall
MORE Owslebury, Bottom Pond Farm Y2 Y1 Hampshire
MORE Zennor Quoit, Zennor Y4 Cornwall
MORE Upton Pyne 248b, Brampford Speke 1 Y4 Devon
MORE Markham Lane, Exminster Y4 Devon
MORE Quint's Hill, Old Warden Y1 Bedfordshire
MORE Lower Ashmore Farm, Rose Ash Y3 Devon


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