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Full record Site name Remains/Period County
MORE Tilshead 1, Kill Barrow Y5 Wiltshire
MORE Bishops Cannings 62a, Roughridge Hill, Bishops Cannings Down Y5 Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Tregiffian, St Buryan Y5 Y4 Cornwall
MORE Cranham 3, Hungerfield Barrow Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Cataclews 10 Y4 Cornwall
MORE Withington II, Sale's Lot, Glo 94 Y5 Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Horsley 5a, Lechmore Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Swell 8, Cow Common Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Burrington 1, Blackdown (N) Y4 Y3 Somerset
MORE Charlton Kings 1, Northfield Barrow Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Marshfield 5, Barrow III Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Whitestaunton 2, Northay B Y4 Somerset
MORE Swell 3, Cow Common (W) Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Codford St Mary 5, Lamb Down Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Swell 5, Cow Common (W) Y4 Gloucestershire
MORE Cold Ashton 1, Barland's Hill 1, West Barrow N4 Gloucestershire
MORE Junction Pit, Farnham 7 Y4 Surrey
MORE Charlton Horethorne 3, Sigwells III Y4 Somerset
MORE Norton Bavant 1, Scratchbury Camp Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Handley 5 Y4 Dorset
MORE Wimborne St Giles 23, Oakley Down Y4 Dorset
MORE Winterborne Kingston 14, West Down Y3 Dorset
MORE Market Lavington 2, Freeth Farm Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Collingbourne Kingston 8, Snail Down Y4 Wiltshire
MORE Ogbourne St Andrew 7 Y4 Wiltshire


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