Extracting the social relevance of artefact distribution in Roman military forts

Penelope M. Allison, Andrew S. Fairbairn, Steven J.R. Ellis and Christopher W. Blackall

Table of Contents

Section 1: Project Summary (by P.M. Allison)

Sections 2-4: Background and Approach

Section 2: Introduction to studies of social life in Roman military space (by P.M. Allison)

Section 3: Introduction to artefact assemblage studies in Roman archaeology (by P.M. Allison)

Section 4: The Roman fortress of Vetera (by P.M. Allison)

Sections 5-7: Methodology and Technical Procedures

Section 5: Re-appraising excavation data (by P.M. Allison)

Section 6: Digitising published site plans (by C.W. Blackall and S.J.R. Ellis)

Section 7: Digitising and formatting artefact catalogues (by A.S. Fairbairn)

Section 8: Analyses of the Distribution of People and Activities (by P.M. Allison)

Sections 9-12: Data, Reference Materials and Acknowledgements

Section 9: Catalogues and GIS maps (by A.S. Fairbairn, S.J.R. Ellis, with assistance from P.A. Faulkner)

Section 10: Glossary

Section 11: Bibliography

Section 12: Acknowledgements


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