Southern zone, Open Area 24 - Period 2B

Open Area 24 (Figure 46), the easternmost of the recognised Period 2B southern zone enclosures, is only partially exposed within Development Area A2 and very little of its interior investigated within Excavation Area P.

Its western side is defined by ditch 25178 (Group 144) but its other boundaries lie beyond the excavated area. No eastern boundary can be discerned on the Development Area A3 pre-excavation plan, although structural remains very similar to Building 32 in OA25 are evident, demonstrating the presence of a rectangular building positioned end-on to Road/track 3 that may well be of a similar Period 2B-3 date.

Period summary view | Open areas, enclosure systems and roads on the lower terrace

Figure 46: Period 2B - Open Area 25 and 24

Pitting (Group 204)

Poorly dated pit 8907 (Group 204) lies within OA24 as it marginally clips (and perhaps post-dates) the edge of boundary ditch 25178. This small pit contains only a small quantity of pottery and a fragment of daub.


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