Northern zone, Open Area 33 (east of Road 1) - Period 2B

Open Area 33 (Figure 50) is clearly defined to the west and south by Roads 1 and 5. It is tentatively judged to be bounded by ditch 25041 to the north and by retained Period 2B ditch 25045 (or its successor) to the east. The interior of this roughly square enclosure is little investigated within Excavation Area G. No Period 2B remains are identified at the Road 1/5 junction, though overlying and unremoved gravel surfacing may mask their presence. Otherwise, earlier to mid-1st century AD features, all pits, are only identified alongside the northern and southern boundaries of the enclosure.

Period summary view | Open areas, enclosure systems and roads on the lower terrace

Figure 50: Period 2B - Northern Enclosure zone, area east of Road 1 (Open Areas 33-36)

Pitting (Groups 304, 305, 310, 758)

Pits 7120 (Group 304), 7141 and 7192 (Group 758) are small cuts alongside northern boundary ditch 25041. Pit 7141 may be mid-1st century AD in date, containing a small quantity of tile.

Pit 7060 (Group 310) is large and irregularly shaped, and unequivocally cuts boundary ditch 25041. At 1.1m deep, it contains LIA pottery, animal bone, loomweights (SFs 1144, 8434), but also a quantity of tile. While this could be interpreted as signalling that the boundary passes out of use by the end of Period 2B, it is as likely that the pit is deliberately positioned on it and even indicates the persistence of this land division in some form. As speculated, it is possible that the boundary simply shifts slightly northwards.

Pits 7650, 7721, 7722, 7739, 7747 (Group 305) are located along the edge of Road 5. The earliest in this inter-cut sequence, 7650, contains LIA pottery, briquetage, animal bone and a loomweight (SF8478).


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