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Issue 24: Dealing with Legacy Data


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Dealing with Legacy Data - an introduction - Penelope Allison

Submitted: April 2008; Published: July 2008
Words: 4682 (43KB); Images: 0 (0KB);
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Dress and Social Identities: the role of GIS in mapping social structure in the central Italian Iron Age cemetery of Osteria dell'Osa - Lisa Cougle

Submitted: December 2007; Published: July 2008
Words: 18290 (155KB); Images: 17 (19KB)
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(Re)surveying Mediterranean Rural Landscapes: GIS and Legacy Survey Data - Robert Witcher

Submitted: December 2007; Published: July 2008
Words: 17165 (142KB) ; Images: 12 (11KB)
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Integrating Legacy Data into a New Method for Studying Architecture: A case study from Isthmia, Greece - Steven J.R. Ellis, Timothy E. Gregory, Eric E. Poehler and Kevin R. Cole

Submitted: December 2007; Published: July 2008
Words:18117 (152KB) ; Images: 43 (39KB)
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The use and misuse of 'legacy data' in identifying a typology of retail outlets at Pompeii - Steven J.R. Ellis

Submitted: December 2007; Published: July 2008
Words: 26156 (221KB); Images: 45 (40KB)
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Measuring women's influence on Roman military life: using GIS on published excavation reports from the German frontier - Penelope Allison

Submitted: December 2007; Published: July 2008
Words: 14262 (118KB); Images: 14 (14KB)
Summary | Table of Contents

Procedures for measuring women's influence: Data translation and manipulation and related problems - Penelope Allison, Patrick Faulkner, Andrew Fairbairn and Steven Ellis

Submitted: December 2007; Published: July 2008
Words: 10184 (84KB); Images: 10 (9KB)
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Review of SahulTime (website) - Ian Johnson

"... an exploration of original ways of presenting spatially and temporally changing phenomena in a concise and engaging format..."
Full text. Published July 2008.


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