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Issue 27


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Editorial - Zoë Devlin

Submitted: Jan 2010; Published: Feb 2010
Words: 587 (5KB); Images: 0 (0KB)
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Fort, Tower, or House? Building a Landscape of Settlement in the Shala Valley of High Albania - Michael L. Galaty, Wayne E. Lee, Charles Watkinson, Zamir Tafilica and Ols Lafe

Submitted: July 2009; Published: January 2010
Words: 8350 (96KB); Images: 31 (6.1MB); Panoramas; Audio; Interactive mapping (GIS); Digital archive
Summary | Table of Contents | Subscribe | Access Open Access for Albania

Digital Avebury: New 'Avenues' of Research - Simon R. Davies

Submitted: June 2009; Published: December 2009
Words: 12115 (105KB); Images: 16 (1.0MB); .WMV Movie: 2 (18.37MB)
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Imperial Industry and Observational Control in the Faynan Region, Southern Jordan - Hannah Friedman

Submitted: September 2009; Published: December 2009
Words: 15067 (126KB); Images: 19 (6.3MB)
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Land Use and the Agrarian Economy in the Roman Dutch River Area - Maaike Groot and Laura I. Kooistra

Submitted: August 2009; Published: December 2009
Words: 28537 (238KB); Images: 62 (10.1MB)
Summary | Table of Contents | Full text (This article is Open Access)

DigIT: Archaeological Summary Report and Experiments in Digital Recording in the Field - Dominic Powlesland & Keith May with contributions from James Rackham and Jess Tipper

Submitted: August 2009; Published: February 2010
Words: 43461 (373KB); Images: 52 (12.8MB)
Summary | Table of Contents | Full text (This article is Open Access)


Review of Digital Karnak (Website) - Neal Spencer

"... there is the core of a very worthwhile resource here, most strikingly attested with the model, the period-specific maps and the Google Earth facility."
Full text. Published December 2009.


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