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Issue 5


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This issue of Internet Archaeology was awarded a Special Mention in the Charlesworth Group Award for Electronic Journals in 1998

Editorial - Alan Vince

Submitted: January 1999; Published: January 1999; Words: 1913 (15.5KB)
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A small mesolithic site at Fife Ness, Fife, Scotland - Caroline Wickham-Jones & Magnar Dalland

Submitted: January 1998 ; Published: August 1998
Words: 49027 (441KB); Images: 159 (5MB); Database; Interactive map
Published with the aid of a grant from Historic Scotland
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West Heslerton: WEB-CD - The application of HTML and WEB Tools for creating a distributed excavation archive in the form of a WEB-CD - Dominic Powlesland, Heather Clemence and James Lyall

Submitted: June 1998 ; Published: October 1998
Words: 3978 (30KB); Images: 11 (449KB)
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Detecting Ancient Tuberculosis - Angela M. Gernaey, David E. Minnikin, Mark S. Copley, Jacinda J. Power, Ali M. S. Ahmed, Ronald A. Dixon, Charlotte A. Roberts, Duncan J. Robertson, John Nolan and Andrew Chamberlain

Submitted: November 1998 ; Published: December 1998
Words: 13850 (128.1KB); Images: 6 (30KB)
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The West Heslerton Assessment - Dominic Powlesland (editor)

Submitted: September 1998 ; Published: December 1998
Words: 222463 (1.8 MB); Images: 64 (1.6MB)
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Two SE Spanish Middle Palaeolithic Sites with Neanderthal Remains: Sima de las Palomas del Cabezo Gordo and Cueva Negra del Estrecho del Río Quípar (Murcia province) - M. Walker and J. Gibert with F. Sánchez López, A.V. Lombardi, I. Serrano, A. Eastham, F. Ribot, A. Arribas, A. Cuenca, J-A. Sánchez Cabeza, J. García Orellana, L. Gibert, S. Albadalejo and J.A. Andreu

Submitted: February 1998 ; Published: December 1998
Words: 49696 (453 KB); Images: 140 (3.1 MB)
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Archaeological Applications of GIS - CD-ROM Proceedings of Colloquium II, UISPP XIIIth Congress, Forli, Italy - David Wheatley

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World of Money CD-ROM for PC/Mac - Philip de Jersey

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