List of Tables

Table 1 Pottery quantities

Table 2 Quantities by trench

Table 3 Quantities by period

Table 4 Contexts by date and size

Table 5 Samian quantities by source

Table 6 Samian distribution by source

Table 7 Principal forms by source

Table 8 Mortaria by source

Table 9 Local production forms

Table 10 Fabrics

Table 11 Vessel forms by period

Table 12 Forms of CASH, DWSH and Grey fabric groups

Table 13 Form of Nene Valley colour coated wares

Table 14 Beaker types

Table 15 Distribution of small finds according to period

Table 16 Nails from chest

Table 17 Hobnails from no.9

Table 18 Nails from other contexts

Table 19 Nails from WRB91

Table 20 Nails from KIN94.294

Table 21 Iron fragments

Table 22 Caprovid tibia

Table 23 Caprovid astragalus

Table 24 Caprovid calcaneum

Table 25 Caprovid radius

Table 26 Caprovid humerus

Table 27 Caprovid metacarpal and metatarsal

Table 28 Cattle astragalus

Table 29 Cattle calcaneum

Table 30 Cattle tibia

Table 31 Cattle humerus

Table 32 Cattle metacarpal

Table 33 Cattle metatarsal

Table 34 Horse metacarpal

Table 35a Dog tibia

Table 35b Dog radius

Table 36 Number and frequency of main domestic animals; NISP, MNI

Table 37 Fragment counts for all recorded taxa by phase

Table 38 Skeletal element counts for all identified taxa

Table 39 Body weight ratios of main domesticates

Table 40a MNI for caprovids by anatomical elements

Table 40b MNI for cattle by anatomical elements

Table 41 Summary of cattle mandible age data

Table 42 Summary of caprovid mandibular age data

Table 43 Summary of caprovid fusion data

Table 44 Summary of compared average measurements from sites of similar dates

Table 45 Chicken measurements


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