Mark Atkinson and Steve Preston


Umberto Albarella: Mammal and bird bone assemblage

Justine Bayley: Enamelling analysis

Edward Biddulph: Late Iron Age and Roman Pottery | Pottery production at Heybridge | Vessel function and use | Roman cremation burials

Joanna Bird: Italian-type terra sigillata

Joyce Compton: Late Iron Age and Roman Pottery | The Late Iron Age Vessel Form Typology | Vessel function and use | Glass (FF 5) | Glass (FF 14) | Late Iron Age pyres and pyre-related features | Late Iron Age Gaulish Imports | Roman Glass

Nina Crummy: The Brooches | Brooches (FF 14) | Ceramic lamps | Copper-alloy jug | Pewter hoard

Brenda Dickinson: Decorated ware and the potters' stamps

Corinne Duhig : Human Remains

David Dungworth : Iron Bloom | Metalworking debris

D. Friendship-Taylor: Leather shoes

Geophysical Surveys of Bradford: 1993 Geophysical survey

Damien Goodburn: Wooden objects

James Greig: Pollen

Peter Guest: Roman Coins

K.F. Hartley: Mortarium Stamps

Martin Henig: Figural bronzes | Intaglios

Jennifer Hillam: Tree-Ring Analysis of Oak Timbers

Richard Hobbs: Late Iron Age Coins

Ralph Jackson: Cosmetic grinders

Cluny Johnstone: Mammal and bird bone assemblage

Jöhan Linderholm: Soil Microstratigraphy

Alison Locker: Fish Bones

Hilary Major: Ceramic crucibles and moulds | Ceramic discs | Jet and shale beads | Metalwork other than brooches | Mis-cast and unfinished copper-alloy objects | Overview of small finds assemblage | Roman tile | Shale vessels

Scott Martin: Late Iron Age and Roman Pottery

Richard I. Macphail: Soil Microstratigraphy

Angela Monckton: Plant Macrofossils

Graham Morgan: Mortar and opus signinum analysis | Plaster analysis

Peter Murphy: Plant Macrofossils

M.J. Noel: Archaeomagnetic Analysis of Fired Structures

Jennifer Price: Glass (FF5) | Roman Glass

Val Rigby: Terra Nigra Potters' Stamps

Mark Robinson: Insect Remains

Paul R. Sealey: Amphoras

Anne Thompson: Late Iron Age and Roman Pottery

Susan Tyler: Saxon brooch | Saxon Pottery

Ros Tyrrell: Baked clay | Bone (FF5) | Bone (FF20) | Bone awls | Bone counters | Bone fist-and-phallus amulet | Bone hairpins | Bone needles | Bone weaving tool | Ceramic discs | Ceramic loomweights | Ceramic phallus | Daub | Dice | Jet and shale beads | Jet hairpin | Kiln fabric and furniture | Lead | Lead casting and working waste | Lead nails | Lead roves or washers | Lead weights | Mortar and opus signinum | Painted wall plaster | Roman tile | Salt briquetage | Shale | Shale bracelets | Shale vessels | Spindlewhorls

Colin Wallace: Late Iron Age and Roman Pottery | Pipeclay figurines

Rob Wardill: Geophysical survey report

Steven Willis: Samian pottery

Jessica M. Winder: Oysters and Other Marine Shells

Sally Worrell: Glass (FF5) | Glass Beads | Glass hairpins | Glass tesserae | Roman Glass


Iain Bell

Andrew Lewsey

Stewart MacNeill

Roger Massey-Ryan


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