Table 2: Tabulated consistencies established between 25 samples of Phoenician hacksilber and selected lead ores from Sardinia, the Iberian Peninsula and southern France. See key for numbered citations. Samples from Akko, Ein Hofez, Tel Dor and Tell Keisan are designated with the identifiers AKK, HFZ, DOR, KSN, respectively. [See data dictionary for full explanation of fields. Download as .xls]

Individual tables:
AKK001 | AKK006 | AKK007
DOR004 | DOR0013
KSN001 | KSN002 | KSN004 | KSN005 | KSN006
HFZ001 | HFZ002 | HFZ003 | HFZ004 | HFZ005 | 2HFZ001 | 2HFZ002 | 2HFZ003 | 2HFZ004 | 2HFZ005 | 2HFZ006 | 2HFZ007 | 2HFZ008 | 3HFZ001 | 3HFZ002

Sample Number: KSN 001 / IAA#79-549
208Pb/206Pb: 2.101956
207Pb/206Pb: 0.858102
206Pb/204Pb: 18.343523
%Au: 0

Ore Sample: RegionConsistentSample ID208Pb/206Pb207Pb/206Pb206Pb/204PbSample SiteSample Type Citation 208/206 Error 207/206 Error 206/204 Error
Sardinia YY PS 1013H 2.10498 0.85813 18.321 Barbagia-Gerrei, Pranu e'Sanguini (Silius, Cagliari) Galena, sphalerite 24 -0.095864694 -0.00217532 0.081889838
Sardinia Y PS 1013K 2.10099 0.85622 18.317 Barbagia-Gerrei, Pranu e'Sanguini (Silius, Cagliari) Galena, sphalerite 24 0.030642824 0.146321135 0.096440178
Iberian Peninsula None
S. France None


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