Excavations on a Roman Extra-Mural Site at Brough-on-Humber, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK

Kurt Hunter-Mann with Margaret J. Darling and H.E.M. Cool

and contributions from C. Barclay, J. Carrott, B. Dickinson, K. Dobney, S. Garside-Neville, G. Gaunt, A. Hall, J. Hamshaw-Thomas, K. Hartley, M. Issitt, D. Jaques, C. Johnstone, F. Large, J. McDonnell, D. Petts and G.Woolrich

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction 2.0 The Excavations 3.0 The Roman Structures 4.0 The Roman Pottery by M.J. Darling with K.F. Hartley and B. Dickinson 5.0 The Small Finds by H.E.M. Cool, with contributions by C. Barclay and G. Woolrich 6.0 The Environmental Evidence by J. Hamshaw-Thomas and D. Jaques, Environmental Archaeology Unit, University of York, with contributions by J. Carrott, K. Dobney, A. Hall, M. Issitt, C. Johnstone and F. Large 7.0 Discussion by K. Hunter-Mann, with D. Petts  NEXT   CONTENTS   HOME   COMMENTS 

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