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Brough Data HelpContext databasePottery databaseSmall finds catalogue

Introduction to Brough
The Roman settlement at Brough-on-HumberPrevious archaeological investigationsThe Welton Road sitePost-excavation methodology
Diagram of Site Phasing at Welton Road, Brough-on-HumberPeriod/Group ConcordanceWacher's Phasing for Brough-on-Humber

The Excavations
Undisturbed natural depositsPeriod 0
Field system establishedPeriod 1 / phase 1
Field system reorganisedPeriod 2 / phase 1Period 2 / phase 2
Roman road eastwards establishedPeriod 3 / phase 1Period 3 / phase 2
Roadside property boundaries establishedPeriod 4 / phase 1Period 4 / phase 2Period 4 / phase 3Period 4 / phase 4
Period 4 / phase 5Period 4 / phase 6Period 4 / phase 7Period 4 / phase 8
Roadside buildings constructedPeriod 5 / phase 1Period 5 / phase 2
A period of large-scale dumpingPeriod 6 / phase 1Period 6 / phase 2
Post-Roman ActivityPeriod 7 MedievalPeriod 8 Post-medievalPeriod 9 Modern
The BurialsThe Roman Structures
Human burialsBuildings A and B
Human RemainsBuilding C
Animal burialsBuilding D
Building E
Building F

The Roman Pottery
IntroductionSpatial distributionStratified occurrenceMethodologyPottery database
Welton Road, Brough, Pottery FabricsThe Stratigraphic Context of the PotteryForm codes as used in database
Samian from Brough Local PotteryMortariaAmphoraePottery Forms
Quantities and depositionBrough local productionMortariaAmphoraeForms
Spatial distributionStratified occurrenceMortarium stampMain coarse wares
Stratified occurrenceVessel typesThe Brough mortariaNene Valley colour-coated wares
FormsBackgroundSamian Forms
DatingThe Brough repertoire
Catalogue of decorated samian ware from BroughThe Brough mortaria
Catalogue of potters' stamps on samian from Brough Reduced wares

The Small Finds
Introduction Overview of the assemblage The distribution of the finds The military equipment and its implications Small Finds Archive

Small Finds DiscussionOther Finds
Searchable small finds catalogueGeological report on the querns
Personal ornamentsSlag
Military equipment
Writing equipmentGeological report on the hones
Household Ceramic building material
Fasteners and fittingsThe structural stone
Craft and industry
Structural finds
Report on flint

The Environmental Evidence
Introduction The bird bones Discussion
Biometrical archive Environmental Sample Archive Biometrical Archive (chicken)
Vertebrate Remains
Vertebrate remains
Species representation & quantification
The economic base
Carcass representation and butchery
Husbandry and economy
Animal burials

Discussion Economy The status of the Roman settlement Summary


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